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Campaigns finished

Here you will have all the campaigns of non-profit organizations in which we have participated.

Our Wild America Campaign

Our Wild America is a leader in supporting efforts to create and protect national parks and monuments. These public lands sustain our cultural heritage, our trails and waterways, and our country’s famed scenic vistas. These natural resources serve not just as tokens of the past but as assets for nearby communities. Clean air and water, close access to recreation, and a safe place for kids to play are just a few reasons why national parks make great neighbors. Our Wild America seeks to share the benefits of our indispensable natural resources with all.

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Beyond Dirty Fuels Initiative

As a special offshoot of the Our Wild America Campaign, the campaigners behind the Dirty Fuels Initiative work hard to slow out-of-control development of coalfields, stop oil drilling in the Arctic, and prevent the expansion of fracking for natural gas. Pipelines, fracking, and drilling lie at a unique intersection between our public lands and energy work - doubly important in that victories protect our public lands and set a path forward for a clean energy future. As oil companies, fossil fuel utilities, and outside interests increasingly lose business to renewable energy, the Beyond Dirty Fuels Initiative ensures unnecessary pipelines and drilling projects don’t make it through the approval process.

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Campaigns in operation

These are the campaigns of non-profit organizations in which we are currently donating, and actively participating.

Protect Land and Water

Globally, only 5% of the natural lands at high risk of development are protected. Demands on land and water continue to increase, so we must do more, faster. We won’t survive without clean water and land. We also need healthy, diverse oceans for fishing, working & playing.

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Ocean and Rivers Cleanup

Rivers are the main source of ocean plastic pollution. They are the arteries that carry waste from land to the ocean. Our research found that 296 rivers are responsible for roughly 80% of the pollution in US.

To rid the oceans of plastic, we need to not only clean up what is already out there, but also stop new plastic from entering the ocean: we need to close the tap. Working together with government leaders and private corporations, our goal is to tackle these 296 most polluting rivers, by 2025. 

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